Parent Information Resource Center


In a state where a parental information and resource center is established to provide training, information, and support to parents and individuals who work with local parents, local education agencies, and schools receiving assistance under this part, each local educational agency or school that receives assistance under this part and is located in the State shall assist parents and parental organizations by informing such parents and organizations of the existence and purpose of such centers.

Tips for Success from the United States Department of Education

If you are interested in being a part of the parent involvement committee for Forest Hill, please contact Mrs. Hernandez at 326-4415. The Parent Involvement Policy and the School-Parent Compact for Achievement are reviewed annually in the spring semester.

TEKS and AISD Curriculum

The links to the grade level documents explaining the TEKS, in which curriculum is taught in the AISD, can be found by grade level below.  Please click the grade level link below for access to the pdf document.  You will need Adobe Reader to view. 

Grade K
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5